Grammar is important

In the professional blogging world you can’t afford poor grammar. With major search engines like Bing implementing grammar analytics to rank blogs  amongst the good and the bad, your blog could benefit from grammar assistance.

If your blog is in desperate need of editing, there are online grammar tools that can make revising fast and affordable. Take a look at these 3 top-rated grammar websites that can be the difference in your blog’s boom or bust.

Popularly used around the globe, offers comprehensive grammar clean up with lightning speed technology. cites over 250 grammar rules to scan for everything from dangling modifiers to misplaced participles. also offers “Context Optimized Synonyms” and an adaptive spell checker to help strengthen vocabulary. And if that’s not enough, ensures original web content with its patented Plagiarism Detection technology.

If you need an accessible and accurate grammar checker with tools to help build your writing skills, provides quick solutions to all your grammar issues. Along with an advanced spell-check and grammar reference, offers a useful “Sentence Rephrasing” system as well as a translator, dictionary and grammar “Personal Trainer” to help improve your English overall.

Fast, effective and (the best part) free, is like having a staunch grammarian for a best friend. has the ability to fix all your grammatical errors, detect plagiarism and offer alternative writing suggestions–all for free. And with no programs to download, is as easy on your computer as it is your wallet.

Taking the time to make your blog grammatically sound is crucial to your blog’s overall success. Would you read a blog ridden with grammar errors?