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Well, which is it? With the worldwide economy sliding up and down (mostly down) it’s safe to say we may not be in the best of times. Now as a business owner or an employee of a company you might think “so how am I to make money during these trying times?” The answer just might lie in studying habits of consumers. Check this graphic out:

Best of Times for Online Shopping


The first thing you might think, during these times of trouble, could be “There is less money now, so why not offer lots of coupons and discounts?” While this may be a good move for some, it may not be the best, especially when you might be tight on money as it is. If you look at the infographic, you can see that the top three consumer trends in the past two years are price comparison, research, and shopping online. Coupons are in fourth, and if you compare the numbers by the amount each increased in the past year, it doesn’t even make the top five. So maybe there is more to social media marketing than offering coupons.

Here are three tips that Ignite Social Media offer us during these times of economic trouble:

  1. Blogging: If more consumers are conducting their research online, you need to develop social tactics that will improve the search engine results of your products.  Blog or Vlog outreach is a great way to seed external reviews of your products, and build valuable 3rd party credibility that you can’t create on your product site. Why have I also included vlog outreach?  Video content has been known to rank well organically, and with YouTube currently ranking as the third most popular search engine, it also can’t hurt.
  2. Video: With consumers watching more content online, it is also important to consider how you can show someone how to use your product, rather than tell. If you have a company blog or even have an ongoing Facebook page – consider creating a mixture of content that includes video content. Like we mentioned before, this content is preferred within the search engines, and also tends to be served more frequently in news feed in Facebook.
  3. Facebook: With more consumers engaging in social networks, it becomes more important to proactively manage your Facebook page. More and more data is showing that frequently updating on behalf of your brand is the best way to increase news feed inclusions, engage your fans, and ultimately grow a fan base that you can activate.


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