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Taking It OfflineYou’ve got your business set up on Facebook, your blog is online and up-to-date, and you’re even tweeting regularly. How then, can you improve your business’s social media presence?

We hate to say it, but it’s time to get offline (but wait until you’re done reading this blog). While social media is the wave of the future, most people still live normal lives offline (though some people’s Facebook updates might suggest otherwise). That’s why social media success also requires some non-digital effort (otherwise known as old-fashioned hard work). We know, we’re groaning too.

Chances are, Facebook and Twitter aren’t your only methods of advertisement. That said; incorporate these accounts into your next print ad. A simple Facebook icon or a “Follow us on Twitter!” line can establish your social media presence with customers who were otherwise unaware. You can make customers even more aware by giving them incentives to participating in your company’s social media platforms. A discount for commenting on your blog or a promotional Facebook contest can be enough to get them online with you.

If you’re still stuck, think of offline congregation – advertise a party for just your Facebook friends – and advertise it just on Facebook. Your party will give real bodies and faces to your social media friends – and perhaps make some long-term customers. Okay, now get offline.

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Headline: Taking It Offline
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