Marketing Strategy Introduction

Effective marketing doesn’t just happen – though we, like you, sure wish it did. Marketing takes planning and effort, and that strategy can really make or break your marketing efforts. When you’re building a marketing strategy, there are a lot of things you have to consider. An effective marketing strategy answers these primary questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Where can you reach them?
  • How can you reach them?
  • What step do you want that audience to take?
  • How can you make them take the step?

These days, marketing isn’t just about advertising. At NeONBRAND, we specialize in creating digital marketing strategies that integrate all forms of media, from your website to your blog to your social media platforms and email campaigns. Each piece of your marketing plan has to work harmoniously with the others.

Your strategy should always be true to your brand. Regardless of whether you’re designing a website or posting on social media, the integrity of your brand is at stake. That’s why it’s important that your marketing strategy reinforces your brand and keeps your messaging consistent.

Whether you’re a marketing pro or just dipping your foot in the water, we’ve got some killer tips and tricks on building and executing an effective strategy. Building a marketing strategy can be intimidating, but with the right expertise, your business has got this in the bag.