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What you can expect from a Regular Website Development Company

Web Design is expensive.

Traditional web design for even the most basic of custom websites can take over 50+ hours of work. With regular website development company rates being at sometimes over $150 per hour, you could be looking at $7,500 minimum for a new website! When going into the web design process a lot of companies don’t realize the time involved or cost that will be included.

Now before you begin to hate the internet just because having a website can be expensive, let me explain why things cost so much. When developing a website you have to think about the framework of the site which could include databases, responsive style-sheets and general structure. With only theses basic files in place your website would look like a building blueprint, so naturally you also have to create custom graphics for everything from the background to the input buttons. With all of this combined you could be employing a team of 4 – 5 people just to build one website.

So, retaining the services of high-end, extremely talented designers and developers to create a custom website and not break the bank is a challenge with the traditional model of website development.

How we roll at NeONBRAND

A focused pre-built approach to delivering beautiful websites.

So how do we do it here for such an affordable cost you might ask? Well some might call it skill or luck, but we prefer to think we have the force with us. No matter what you call it, our team uses a basic approach to building websites cutting out all the other fluff that will just cost you money and drag out the design process.

In our team at NeONBRAND we have a combination of literally thousands of hours of programming experience. Instead of just using that experience on individual projects, we take what works well and duplicate it on current websites. So in a nutshell when we have a good idea or something that saves time it goes in our library of great ideas so when someone needs it again we can just check it out like a book instead of recreating it.

By taking this approach we have been able to cut the framework section of building website down significantly leaving more time for design. A lot of companies that do not want much design to their site can sometimes walk away with a brand new website for $1,000! That is definitely a huge savings compared to $7,500.

To get a better idea of how we do things around here or if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.