How We Roll at NeONBRAND

At NeONBRAND, we take a focused approach to deliver exactly what you need, and nothing more.

Our NeONBRAND development and design team has literally thousands of combined programming hours behind us. We know what works, and more importantly, we know the difference between powerful design that makes your business money, and expensive fluff that only costs your business money. For each project, we draw on our extensive knowledge base to build you a website or application that moves your business forward.

Our business development and marketing teams have the insight and experience to build a compelling sales and marketing strategy for your business. We know how to look at all the different pieces – from SEO and web design to content marketing and branding – and fit them together into an overall strategy that works. You're in business to make a profit. We're in business to help you do that.

"A-Players Are Free"

In Darren Hardy's book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, he makes the bold statement that hiring A-players is free.

He's right.

In business (and in life) the big picture matters. A-players, the people who deliver exceptional results because they're among the best in the world at their craft, command higher salaries, but they more than pay for themselves in results. When you work with B-players, the people who charge bargain prices and deliver bargain results, you're lucky if you break even on your investment.

Think of it this way: you can either spend $100 and just barely make $90, or you can invest $500 to make $10,000. That first $100 you spent with a B-player cost you far more than the $500 for an A-player, didn't it?

At NeONBRAND, we embrace the A-player mindset. We've seen how expensive it really is to look for a bargain marketing plan, and we refuse to take shortcuts now that cost many thousands of dollars later. Great marketing strategy truly is free. It's mediocre marketing that's expensive.