2016 marketing plan

We’re approaching the end of the year, and chances are, that means you’re reflecting on your marketing efforts over the past year. As you assess what you’ve done this year, you’ll naturally begin thinking of all those things you wish you’d done. Before you determine your goals for the coming year, think about everything you’d do it you had no obstacles. This is your bucket list. Once you’ve created your bucket list, you can begin thinking realistically and tactically about your 2016 marketing plan. But as you create that list, take this as guidance:

Always Document

Throwing ideas out into the air is easy. Documenting those ideas in a manner that makes sense can be more difficult. That’s why it’s important to get into the habit of writing down ideas or initiatives that have potential. In fact, you should write down everything – even the bad ideas and those that aren’t totally original. You never know where they’ll take you later.

Think Beyond Limitations

Often, brainstorming gets killed immediately because of certain limitations or constraints. For example, you might quash a brilliant idea because you don’t think your attorneys would ever approve it, or you assume there’s no budget to pull it off. But killing your ideas before they’re even hatched may prevent you from creating something incredible that will actually work!


Everyone’s minds work a little differently. That’s why collaboration is the key to marketing success. Bounce ideas off your colleagues and even friends and family to get initial reactions and further ideas. Your budding idea could spark something brilliant in someone else, and vice versa.

Ask the Right Questions

If you’re having a hard time creating your bucket list, you might be asking the wrong questions. Think about the questions that matter to your business: What would you do differently next year from what you did this year? What has worked for your competitors or other businesses? If you had no budget, what marketing plans would you employ? What’s your end goal?

If you’re ready to make goals for 2016, the first step is to determine what your blue sky looks like. Your bucket list will get you there. And, of course, if you need help, we’re ready to collaborate.