Tracking online marketing activity and the sources of useful and relevant online traffic can be done easily with some basic online tools and a little effort.

Tools needed to track URLs include published content with a live URL link, the free Google URL builder, and a free account.

The URL builder enables site owners to create custom parameters for their online marketing campaigns and obtain more useful information to help improve marketing effectiveness. assists with branding efforts and enables site owners to view real-time information on who is viewing which Web pages and when. Those tools all are free and easy to obtain.

The hard part is creating compelling content that will entice people perusing the World Wide Web to come and visit your very tiny piece of an enormous and ever-expanding online global community.

Simple Steps for Online URL Tracking

The first step to creating a tracking URL is to post content that can be shared via other websites, blogs, and social media. Once the content is created and before it is shared via social media, a unique URL is needed for each site or social media platform to which the content will be shared.

Each intended distribution site must have its own URL in order to track the sources of originating URLs for online traffic. The Google URL builder can assist with this step and help to provide tracking information on the campaign source, its medium (banner ad, blog post, etc.) and name.

Inputting the info with Google URL builder helps to create URLs that can be tracked to identify incoming traffic.

Tracking Links Greatly Improve Marketing Focus

When incoming traffic and the links that drive greater visitation are known better, marketers can adjust their online efforts and generate greater success and profitability.

URL tracking is a relatively easy way to improve business practices and the bottom line with relatively little effort needed. A simple change in the way information is distributed and taking the time to create useful tracking URLs and compiling information via Bitly can improve most business outcomes.

Do you track URLs to better identify from where your online traffic is coming?