Google Product Listing Ads are now being rolled out to all of Google’s advertisers in the United States. The format, which has been in testing with select advertisers for the past year, makes AdWords more visual by allowing advertisers to list specific products with accompanying images.

While the ads represent a departure from Google’s traditional text ads – and what some might argue is yet more clutter in the once spartan Google search interface – the results apparently speak for themselves.

Writing on the Inside AdWords blog, a company spokesperson says that they’ve “found that people are twice as likely to click on a Product Listing Ad as they are to click on a standard text ad in the same location.”

With the program now expanding from a reported 800 advertisers to Google’s entire advertiser base, it could mean significantly more graphical ads in search results, as well as better returns for advertisers and more revenue for Google.

Google explains the format a bit more in the video below: