Many business owners think they own their brand, but in fact, that is not the case. A brand is the general public’s image of your business, and you only can hope to influence that image in a way that you want relevant consumers and potential customer in particular to think of your business. One of the most important elements of developing a positive brand image is to have a logo that will be memorable and have a positive impact on the people’s perception.

Timeless Designs Evoke Nostalgia, Positive Impressions

Brand Logo image

There are many famous logos. For example, Coca-Cola and Harley-Davidson. Go nearly anywhere in the world with a Coke or H-D logo and most people will recognize it. The same is true of Ferrari and other popular global brands that have iconic logos. For your business logo to be effective and stand any chance of becoming iconic over the years, it must be legible, simple and sustainable. If it is overly complicated, has a confusing message and does not have staying power, your business logo will be ineffective and a potential liability to your long-term business success.

Versatility Makes Logos More Useful

At one time, the sign in front of your business generally would be the primary use of your logo. But in today’s online world, your logo will be viewed on computer screens and phones all over. And advertising media varies greatly, making it important to ensure your logo will be just as effective in multimedia environments as it will on a sign in front of your business. Without versatility, a logo generally won’t work these days, and business owners need to keep in mind the ways in which people most likely will encounter their respective brand logos.

Which factors most influenced the logo used for your business?