Information on the Move: Infographic vs. Infogif

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Information is thrown at us in so many shapes and forms these days that we are on overload. This poses a problem for us in receiving information because it is all vying for our attention. The challenge for those who want us to pay attention to their information is to make the information they throw at … Continued

Article Submission as SEO Technique – Can It Still Work for You?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Article submission as an organic SEO technique can still work, sort of. The old days of submitting articles to a bunch to e-zines are over. Article submission websites as they became much less effective after some of the more recent Google updates. There are ways to make article submission, in a somewhat different outfit, work, … Continued

The Why and How of White Paper Writing: Tips for Success

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The term “white paper” used to refer to a government document designed to explain certain governmental policies.  Over time however, the term has come to refer to a document that explains pretty much anything, most often something that someone is trying to sell.  To this effect, it has become a powerful marketing tool in many … Continued

4 Digital Marketing Tips to Get You Back on Track

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Marketing is such a different animal than it used to be. What used to be as simple as buying ad space in a newspaper or recording an ad for the radio turned into full on production with the invention of the television. Add to that the ever growing advertising “free-for-all” that is social media, from Facebook … Continued

Building Links Part 2: Track the Money Honey

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’ve established that link building has changed.  It has to be done differently.  We have yet to discuss one of the changes that needs the most attention however.  It is now imperative to track where links come from, and not just for penalty purposes.  Of course if you have tons of links to your page … Continued

SEO That Lasts

Reading Time: 2 minutes

SEO is going to change. It is a changing world, and Google makes certain SEO “rules” change multiple times in any given year. The question is how are you going to keep up? I mean, you can’t revamp your website every time a new algorithm comes out, right? You could, but then the whole point … Continued