Tracking URLs Helps Identify Traffic Sources


Tracking online marketing activity and the sources of useful and relevant online traffic can be done easily with some basic online tools and a little effort. Tools needed to track URLs include published content with a live URL link, the free Google URL builder and a free Bitly account. The URL builder enables site owners […]

Content Marketing is Rising in Importance


Although they are different, content marketing and SEO are becoming more intertwined and in some cases referred to synonymously. Basic use of keywords and pay-per-click marketing still have their place. But online marketers no longer can simply focus efforts on keywords and bid up their rank. One reason it no longer works that way is […]

Generating Online ‘Buzz’ Can Boost Business


Marketers can have difficulty grabbing the attention of intended targets when devising their marketing plans for various goods and services. And one of the most elusive ways to get the attention of particular consumers is to create “buzz” that reflects positively on a good or service. “Buzz” essentially is a general excitement among the public […]

Why Google Loves Local Businesses


Some years ago, bidding on keywords and ranking high on search engine results used to be relatively easy. Online marketers needed to simply mention a keywords a couple of times while providing virtually any content at all that was loosely related to the keyword search. Affiliate marketers dominated many search engine results, and business that […]

Tracking Search Engine Site Referrals

Traffic to your website

Most businesses now must have a presence online in order to extend their marketing reach and draw in the maximum amount of potential customers, clients and others. But when using search engine marketing (SEO) strategies and tactics, many modern marketers make the mistake of not tracking the types of traffic their SEO campaigns are bringing […]