Maintaining an Online Reputation

Reputation Diagram Displays Stature Trust And Credibility

By Kenny Eliason, NeONBRAND Founder In SEO, it’s important to build up an online reputation that suits your company for optimal success.  But what exactly does an ‘online reputation’ mean? An online reputation is the character of business portrayed to potential customers via the internet. Managing a business’s online reputation is important for two major […]

Internet Users Will Surpass 3 Billion

Internet Users Will Surpass 3 Billion

Back in 2010, NeONBRAND reported that the world would reach 2 billion internet users by the end of the year, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Now 4 years later, the ITU expects that we’ll break 3 billion by December. That means 40% of the world is connecting with one another on the web. […]

Smart Marketing: Nourish the Consumer

Website Marketing Concept

A shared keynote at this year’s Pubcon reminded SEO companies that smart marketing is all about helping consumers. Businesses that share valuable, original content with consumers are achieving marketable success. In a sense, winning SEOs practice “the more you give, the more you shall receive.” NeONBRAND takes a look on how this helpful strategy can improve your business. […]

Critical Elements of a Great Brand Logo


Many business owners think they own their brand, but in fact, that is not the case. A brand is the general public’s image of your business, and you only can hope to influence that image in a way that you want relevant consumers and potential customer in particular to think of your business. One of […]

Tracking URLs Helps Identify Traffic Sources


Tracking online marketing activity and the sources of useful and relevant online traffic can be done easily with some basic online tools and a little effort. Tools needed to track URLs include published content with a live URL link, the free Google URL builder and a free Bitly account. The URL builder enables site owners […]