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Like a good significant other, we’re here to offer some validation (only we kind of forgot the roses and/or sporting event tickets). Yes, it’s time to highlight what social media campaigns have worked for businesses around the nation. So in case you still have a subtle fear for Facebook or tiny doubts for Twitter and Groupon, let’s nip those in the bud right now.

With the help of Mashable. They recently released a list of five social media campaigns that generated attention, talk and business – all things you might just be interested in.

You may have seen that GAP – a large national brand – recently used Groupon to offer a 50% off deal. The outcome? 441,000 Groupons sold nation-wide.

Social Media=Success

Did you see Toy Story 3? Well, a lot of us did, partially due to the wave of advertising Pixar used, especially on Facebook. Streaming videos and commercials via their Facebook page and even offering a built-in ticket-buying app, the social media campaign helped make the film a success (so did those little green alien toys though, let’s be honest).

AOL recently used the help of social media to design a new company position – and fill it! Taking in fan votes to decide what the position would be, who would fill it and what the job would entail helped get more people excited about the—ahem—older internet company.

Not convinced? Read for yourself – and let the ideas run amuck (on your social media page).

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