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Social Media PhotographyFacebook may not comment on rumor or speculation, but we certainly will! In fact, we’re pretty stoked about the buzz we’ve been hearing that Facebook is currently developing a photo-sharing application.

Sure, we love Flickr and SmugMug and the wealth of other online photo apps, but an app specifically designed for and available on Facebook? Well, that just makes our lives one-step easier and our customers one-step more reachable.

Facebook Photo App.

A Facebook photo app can mean even more opportunities for engaging your customers, associates and other fans. Use the app to create a rapport with your fans – illustrate new products, document events, even request that your fans upload their own pics.

You know a picture says a thousand words – when else will you get the opportunity to say that much to your customers?

Facebook, you’ve got us on pins and needles.

Headline: We Pick Pics!
Publisher: NeONBRAND
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