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USA TodayUSA Today has an interesting article about Twitter in today’s paper/website. Here are some excerpts:

“I used Facebook a lot, but Twitter is my new social outlet,” says Sandra Springer, 42, a UPS driver from Mason, Ohio. She hopped on eight months ago and hadn’t looked back.

“It may only be 140 characters, but oddly it feels so much more interactive than other social media,” she says. “Maybe because it’s real time, but it just feels more personal to me.”

Like most Twitter devotees, when Ben Warner was introduced to the website, he didn’t get it.

“I’d read, ‘I’m having a sandwich,’ and I didn’t think it made a lot of sense,” says Warner, 42, deputy director of a civic engagement think tank in Jacksonville. “But I’ve come to realize it’s an amazing way to take the pulse on issues.”

Twitter is “brewing a social revolution,” says Jeff Pulver, a tech entrepreneur, and founder of #140conf, an annual conference on all things Twitter. “Now it’s about me the people, not we. Individuals have a voice like never before, and it’s a voice that’s connected to the world.”

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