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Trending LocallyLeave it to the good people at Twitter to make social media a bit more, well, social. Last year Twitter introduced Local Trends, a tool that enabled users to see exactly what was popular in their geographic location.

Twitter Expansion.

Twitter has recently expanded the trends feature to 70 more locations, allowing tweeters to view and participate in the most relevant conversations.

Among its new locations, Japan, South Africa, Santiago, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur will be tweeting trendy, while the rest of us continue to utilize this prime market tool.

If the key to good marketing is knowing your audience and their interests, that’s never been easier than with Twitter’s local trends. How else will you find out that frozen-yogurt-filled-cupcakes-topped-with-Justin-Beber-candies are so of-the-moment in Las Vegas?

Okay, maybe they’re not, but we really think they’d take off.

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