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Social Media ToolsWe need to take a minute to deliver a general statement that you’re probably not shocked to hear:

You. Should. Be. On. Facebook.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it here before. Social media brings customers; customers bring dollars; dollars bring success. Obviously, we advocate that your business takes the plunge and get on the Facebook wagon. But with Facebook also comes the requirement of conformity. One drawback to the king of social media is that it does not allow businesses to customize their sites to solidify their branding and attract customers.

. . . or do they?


Well, not really. But we have some exciting news: Pagemodo is a simple tool that can generate a customized welcome page for your Facebook page. TechCrunch this week has the details on using the new tool to spruce up your page. Don’t be shy; after all, it’s way easier to make friends on Facebook than real life anyhow.

Read more about Pagemodo, and how to use it here.

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