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Summer of SocialMy, oh my, how time does fly! Now that  half of 2011 is behind us, it may be time to assess your social media performance in the past six months and, if it’s a tad lackluster, amp it up to sail through summer and finish the year strong.

Hot Summer Tips

Business2Community recently shared a useful guide for getting the most out of social media this summer by utilizing the most sizzling trends around:

  • Loco for Location! This summer, virtual check-in’s are the place to be, so if you’re letting your brick-and-mortar shop do the work, it’s time to find some space in the virtual realm.
  • Group-ing: With group sales through the roof with companies like Groupon, Living Social, Yelp and others, if you’re not taking advantage of mass buying power, now’s the time.
  • Content-driven Marketing: Savvy social media users know SEO-targeted fluff when they see it. That’s why your content should be timely, thoughtful, and relevant to your costumers.
  • Searching Socially: Perhaps you’ve noticed the addition of “Google likes” this year – the search engine giant has now made social interactions searchable, so that aforementioned relevant content will get even more play when people start to digg, like, or Tweet it.
  • Mobile Play: What’s a computer? Social-media-ites are constantly connected with their smartphones and tablets, so if you haven’t gone mobile, you’re missing out.
  • Summer of Social? Here we come.

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