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Social ResolutionsCall it a Christmas gift to your business, or a New Year’s resolution for success, but implementing social media in 2011 may be the very best goal you make this year. And we’re not just saying that because we’ve built our business on it (although that certainly does help).

The fact of the matter is, more than 600 million people are now engaged on social media sites – and quite a few of those could be your current or potential customers. So if social media is on your list of goals for 2011 (and it should be), we have a few tips for you:

First, broaden your awareness of social media. What do you know about the various social media platforms and which are most useful for your company? Get a sense of who is already using social media from your company. You can do this by searching your company name on LinkedIn, Facebook or FourSquare.

If you’ve found a social media presence already established for your business, it’s probably time to create a social media policy. This will address identity, time usage, company affiliation and management of negative comments.

Once you’ve got your policy in hand, make social media work for you by training your staff accordingly. Consider bringing in an expert (hint, hint) to explain how to make social media a part of everyone’s job.

After all, a 2011 without social media for your business is like… well… 2010.

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