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Resourceful OutsourcingWe know who you are. You don’t just have your own business; you have your own voice. Your brand comes with its own personality and, therefore, one outside your company could never accurately or effectively control your social media presence.

Right? Well, have you ever followed an accountant on Twitter? Or checked out your dentist’s Facebook page?


Believe us, outsourcing social media can be the best decision you’ve made for your business since you built it a website. And while you might be the nation’s expert on travertine flooring or customized post-it printing, you may lack some of the skills necessary to generate social media buzz. this week provides some great reasons to outsource your social media, just as you’d outsource your PR, advertising, IT or customer service. And for the number of potential customers ready and lurking around Facebook, the cost of outsourcing seems almost trivial.

After all, have you actually found out what Twitter is yet?

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