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Football Social MediaLinebackers listen here: you’re getting benched! At least you Facebook linebackers, anyhow. That’s right, defense is out and we’re calling in special teams.

Social Media Defense

Okay, enough on the sports analogy already. We’re talking social media here. Sure, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and company blogs are a great way to solicit feedback from customers, and often discover marketing mistakes or client complaints. But according to a recent BusinessWeek article, defensive social media is sooo last year (Hello! Haven’t we been saying that?).

In fact, waiting around for negative feedback is the worst thing you can do – aside from not using social media at all, that is. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn and business blogs offer effective marketing venues that you can use to get in touch with your customers. Imagine having all of your customers (and potential customers) in one venue waiting to hear your newest promotion, product or service?

Hello! That’s social media. You have a captive audience; now is the time to get them excited and, most importantly, talking. Not only do you already have a customer base, but you’ll never find a cheaper way to market.

We call that a touchdown (You knew that was coming.).

Headline: On the Defense?
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