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Solo TweetingWhat’s the first thing you want after an hour-long security line, delayed flight and broken baggage carrousel? Unless you possess a special kind of masochism, the answer probably wouldn’t be to follow your airline on Twitter.

Social Media to Improve Travel?

But that’s the brilliance of travel companies now using social media to keep their customers in the loop. We all know flights get delayed, security lines get long, and now and then volcanoes blow up in the North Atlantic. Now airlines like United and Lufthansa are taking advantage of social media and using Twitter and Facebook as a customer service platform to better resolve issues and enable passengers to get real-time updates on the status of their flights.

The Changi Airport Group, operators of the Singapore Changi Airport, have even turned to their fan base on Facebook for help finding a place to stay for stranded passengers. Airlines are seeing that passengers are more forgiving with poor flying experiences when they are updated on a regular basis via Twitter and Facebook.

See? Social Media can be practical. Just don’t tell John Mayer.


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