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Facebook Roadmap LogoSure, you’ve got your business on Facebook; you’re making your daily updates, promoting your products and announcing your progress. That’s all fine and well but won’t get you too far if you’ve got no fans.

Now, we’re not suggesting you’re the smelly kid in the classroom who plays alone at recess, but building Facebook fans is an art – one that takes strategy. And if you haven’t gotten on to the “Suggest This” feature, you’re missing the proverbial boat (i.e. a boatload of fans).

Now don’t get reckless.

While you may be tempted to blast your personal friend list with a suggestion to like your page, that plan just might backfire. Facebook users – even your friends – may be more selective in the pages they “like” (though we’re sure your mother will accept).

Instead, try embedding a widget on your web page, which will become the “like” button, linking the site to Facebook. This way you can target current and prospective customers who have already shown interest in your business. To make this especially successful, offer a promotional discount or prize drawing for those who become Facebook fans.

Then, get proactive. Use your business email database to invite fans. Since they’re already your customers, they’re more likely to show an interest in what your business is doing.

Once you’ve got some fans, take advantage of Facebook’s features. Allow your fans to tag photos (i.e. get some photos up there to begin with!), embed videos onto your page, and integrate the Facebook comment feature onto your company’s website.

We’re confident that even that smelly kid can make friends.

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