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Las Vegas Social Media - Twitter

If you’re not sure if your business’s current Las Vegas Social Media plan is working out, you’re not alone. Many businesses get comfortable on one social media platform and ignore the others. So let’s focus a bit on Twitter. Twitter is one of those platforms that can take a while to master, but should be an integral part of your Las Vegas SEO and social media strategy.

Sure, you make sure to tweet on a regular basis, and likely even have a coordinating Foursquare and Facebook page to back it up. But are your tweets really getting you anywhere?

Four tips to shift your Twitter feed into a higher gear.

Stick around: We know those scheduled tweets are a life saver for busy small businesses. But Twitter is all about conversation, so your biggest faux pas comes in the form of starting a conversation and then disappearing. Take special note of when your tweets are scheduled to drop, then be sure to be around to converse with, well, anyone who’s talking! We recommend checking back every 30 to 60 minutes to respond to conversation participants.

Hash it up: The most socially savvy businesses really take advantage of each social platform. For Twitter, this means using relevant hashtags and building “customized” hashtag databases for your business. For example, if you’re selling an energy drink, create a specific hashtag that invites customer participation like “#beenergetic.” You and your customers could use this hashtag when referring to activities and sports.

Don’t be one-sided: Nobody likes a narcissist. Your Twitter feed should be about more than just your business. Think about your customers and what matters to them. Then, tweet about it! Of course it’s good to talk about your business, but make sure that when you do, you’re involving your customers and not merely bragging or soliciting business.

Don’t measure by the bottom line: You may feel like your social presence isn’t generating any hard leads or producing extra revenue. Social strategies tend to be difficult to measure because they are not about the bottom line. Social marketing is all about generating brand awareness and engaging with your customers and potential customers. Sure, there’s a lot of room to market in there too, but be patient with your social strategy – it’s not all about the dollar.

Got a sure-fire Twitter tip that works for your business? Share it below!

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