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Social CuriosityYou’ve heard that curiosity killed the cat, but that same curiosity might get you some action on Facebook (as long as your fans aren’t felines, that is). That’s because Facebook has launched a new version of Facebook Questions, a tool that will not only satiate the perpetually curious, but might just help boost your business.

Survey Says?

You can ask an open-ended inquiry or even create a multiple-choice poll. Not to mention that by keeping tabs on the questions asked by your fans or colleagues, you can start establishing yourself and your company as the guru (we all know) you are.
What’s the value? Well, not only can Facebook questions help you converse with your fans and customers, but it’s a great way to get a bit of market research done. Own a fro yo company? Want to know what flavor would drive more customers into your store? Ask Facebook – everyone’s on it, after all.

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