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Deals on Social MediaYou’ve seen the headlines: “$10 for $20!” “Half off drinks!” “Five car washes for $15!”

These days, savvy shoppers aren’t perusing their weekly grocery circulars and Value-Paks to score a deal; they’re logging on to social media to grab Groupon, Living Social, Facebook, and Yelp deals. And just this week, granddaddy Google threw his hat in the ring too – announcing the birth of Google Offers, starting in Portland this week.

What’s all this discount talk mean to you? It means that your customers (and potential customers) are using social media to determine where to eat, play and run their errands. And if you give them a good deal, they can be pretty easily convinced to try you out – and then Yelp about you, or mention you in a Tweet, or like you Facebook, or…. Are you getting the picture?

If you’re still in denial about social media, it’s time to start dealing.

Headline: How You Dealing?
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