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How NOT to Run Social Media StrategyBy now you know you need to implement social media as part of your marketing plan. Maybe you are ahead of the game and have already started blogging, Tweeting, and talking to your Facebook fans. But before you settle into your social media routine, make sure you aren’t wasting your time by making one of these social media marketing mistakes (link removed).

The mistakes listed in this article are right on– not paying attention to your social media networks is the best way for your fans and followers to tune out. Also, being authentic and honest will earn trust among your followers. Employees posing as fans is a surefire way to ruin relationships with those who pay attention to your business. Finally, you need to have the mentality that your social media marketing is a constant campaign to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Evenings and weekends are high traffic times for Facebook and Twitter, so you should be paying attention during off hours too. Social capital isn’t built during work hours alone, and keeping tabs on your networks at all times will set you apart from your competitors.


Headline: How NOT To Run Your Social Media Strategy
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