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It may have seemed like a David and Goliath story at first, but with the current growth and popularity of Google+, Facebook may just have a competitor in its own weight class. In fact, a Mashable blog a few weeks back asserted that Google+’s brand pages were—dare we say it?—”better” than its Facebook counterpart.

That’s a big claim for a feature that wasn’t even available at the time. But so far Google+ brand pages seem pretty promising. Among their features, the pages offer better search opportunities. Of course, what do you expect from the social network powered by the world’s search engine king?

Google+ Benefits

Not to mention that Google+ brand pages will be more adaptable to personalization. While Facebook fan pages offer a few photos and an ad or poll, Google+’s design leaves a good deal of real estate for brand customization.

And, along with Google comes superior analytic tools, including metrics like top content, referring sites, and time spent on each page. This will in turn help brands determine what content/features are most appealing to their audience.

Guess it’s time we Googled, huh?


Headline: Google+ vs. Facebook
Publisher: NeONBRAND
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