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New Social Media App.

Google+ OneIf Google+ hasn’t already become your plus-one, it might be time to make a date. As Mashable reports this week, usage of the search-engine megagiant’s new social media app is skyrocketing. Currently, more than 18 million users have signed up for Google+, making it the fastest growing social media network in history (shhhhh… don’t tell Facebook.).

The new network, which allows users to share photos, messages and links similarly to Facebook, gives users the flexibility of creating sharing circles (i.e. Friday night’s parties don’t show up on your mother’s newsfeeds). That means you can create your own circle of customers and colleagues, even from your personal account.

Still nonplussed? (We had to say it). We’ll help set up your account and you can see for yourself! Give us a call today.
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