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Proving that this is a world of innovation and integration, Facebook continues to be the social media powerhouse making its way into America’s conversations, computers and… cars? You bet. General Motors announced this month that their On-Star service will now integrate with Facebook, reading aloud status updates and messages to the driver. Additionally, the service will offer read-aloud text messages, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road.GM OnStar MyLink

And it doesn’t stop there. Target, the red-circled superstore, now offers an application for printing off Facebook photos directly from their Kodak kiosks. The kiosks will now offer the option of integrating with social media to select photographs for print.

Not to mention that just this week, Facebook announced a plan to integrate PayPal’s new digital good service into their site.

So it seems the only thing Facebook can’t do these days is help you lose weight or find a soul mate. Oh wait…..


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