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The day after the elections it appears as though Facebook has proven to be a relatively good predictor of how candidates will perform. While we don’t have all the numbers on gubernatorial races, the winners of 74 percent of House races and 81 percent of Senate races were accurately projected by each candidates’ Facebook fan counts.

If you want to see exact details of how all the candidates performed on Facebook, you can go check out our election tracker, which ranks the candidates by fan count. The positive results were posted on Facebook earlier this morning. Yesterday, I spoke on CNBC and suggested that Facebook may not yet be a perfect indicator of how the elections will perform but that it would increasingly become more accurate over time.

More significant is how Facebook serves as a platform for amplifying the political conversation on each of the candidates’ pages and help spread awareness. Any conversation about the elections is better than no conversation at all. It’s also interesting to see that people are becoming more supportive publicly of their favorite candidates. Unfortunately, we don’t have any research to determine whether or not the people who become fans of candidates are the same people who would have publicly supported them before the existence of Facebook Pages.

Regardless of who’s becoming a fan of political candidates, Facebook has become an increasingly important platform for engaging constituents in important campaign dialogue. Were you one of the people that fanned a political candidate on Facebook? Did you also vote for them?


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