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Facebook ChristmasWe know why you use social media – and it’s not to keep in touch with your grandmother (okay, it might be, for your business’s sake, it probably isn’t). You want to drive business. Well, welcome to the season of the year when business nearly drives itself – at least the retail variety. And although consumers tend to mega-shop this time of year, social media campaigns are proving to increase business success across the board.

Social Holiday Season

For instance, Practical Ecommerce reported last week that nearly 5 percent of Black Friday shoppers were referred from a social media platform. What’s more, is that social media referrals were converted to purchasing customers at a 13 percent rate, as opposed to a rate of 3.1 percent for shoppers who did not interact in a social media service. Social media can give retailers and businesses an immediate captive audience to promote their products, discounts, specials and incentives.

For instance, both Sears and Kmart used Twitter this year to advertise Cyber Monday deals. Smaller businesses who have built a Facebook and Twitter following have also seen success in holiday marketing. Offering coupons or promotional codes exclusively to your Facebook fans and Twitter followers is an easy way to drive fans and followers – and possibly create more as word of mouth gets out.

Let’s make this holiday season a social one. Find out more by clicking here.


Headline: Deck the Facebook Walls
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