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Social Conversation 411Remember that grueling date you had back in the day? You sat across from each other in the restaurant and may as well have been alone with your thoughts because he/she just wouldn’t start talking? You’d start to reply, but that reply was cut off by an even longer continuation of a conversation that wasn’t wholly interesting to begin with.

Yeah, we’ve probably all been there. But hopefully your business’s Facebook page isn’t causing any of your customer’s post-traumatic stress by reminding them of it. The fact of the matter is, Facebook can be a great venue for pimping your business, promoting products and broadcasting events. But the common mistake many businesses make is keeping Facebook chatter entirely about themselves.

Well, sorry friends; that’s just boring.

Facebook, isn’t about one-sided self-promotion; it’s about the conversation. And the best way to utilize the social media site for your business is to connect with your customers by starting interesting, funny, scandalous or intriguing conversations that prompt users to chime in.

A good rule of thumb, according to Social Media Biz, is to post four status updates about outside topics or news items for every self-promotional post.
Because no one wants to be that bad date.

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