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Unless your proficiency in the on-line pickup industry transfers from generating a Friday-night date to generating new business (and we’ve yet to meet anyone’s that does), chances are you could use a little primer on the Social Media = New Customers theorem.

Luckily, gives us a good explanation this week, elaborating on Regus’s recent study asserting that almost half of small businesses are meeting/making/retaining prospects through the means of social media.

Your Business Must Be On Social Media

To say what Brian is not: Everyone is doing it. If you’re not, it’s your loss. Literally. And if that doesn’t convince you, just picture this: While half of small businesses are finding new customers via social networking, only 28 percent of large firms are doing the same.

You always knew Facebook and Twitter were built just for you, right? Log on – you know you (and your potential customers) want to.

Read the full article here.


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