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by Lauren at Radian6

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to change management. To successfully integrate social media into your business processes, you must begin by identifying the root causes of resistance and then determine a plan to address those factors while maintaining optimal speed of change. Combat resistance to change by creating an environment where people feel safe to learn and evolve.

  1. Awareness: Go beyond idealistic visions and unseen promises of reward when addressing change management processes. Use hard numbers and examples to address the risk of standing still is greater than change. How it fits into your plan: Be open about why this change is taking place and transparent in the plans your company is implementing. Have an internal location available for your workforce to track benchmarks and participate in execution.
  2. Connectivity: People identify with others who continue to operate in the old way – their comfort zone. This behavior is hardwired into a company. Do not underestimate the power of observational learning. How it fits into your plan: Introduce these people in the organization to those at every level of the company who are spearheading the change efforts.
  3. Skepticism: Change in the workplace triggers an emotional response of fear. People fear change because they believe that with change comes additional work. Remove barriers obstrucing criticism.How it fits into your plan: Give your workforce a safe environment to express their feelings and ideas. Do not ignore this forum because golden nuggets of inspiration are buried here that will assist you in making your new processes stick.
  4. Competence: The lack of competence to change is a roadblock that exists, but people feel it is difficult to admit this fear. Training can be an effective motivator. Demonstrate how people will be brought to competence throughout the change process. How it fits into your plan: Develop training programs from entry level to advanced. Go beyond the formal training and invite your departments to participate in webinars and brown bag lunch and learn sessions.
  5. Overload: Even with the best plans, change management fails because the workforce is overloaded and overwhelmed. The fatigue that comes from a work environment bombarded with economic crisis or other internal issues may kill your project. Timing is everything for successful change management. Go back to the first step and determine the risk of standing still versus changing. How it fits into your plan: Be generous with praise and do not hinder people from venting. Show good diplomacy and take time to honor those who have accomplished success in the past. Doing something new and different does not mean the old way was wrong at the time and their efforts should npt be recognized.

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Headline: Combat Resistance to Social Media
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