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Sometimes when things go wrong, you turn lemons into lemonade. This post really doesn’t provide any educational value, but it seems appropriate for a Friday post. A hack showed up on one of our sites yesterday, which we quickly resolved. But we liked the dang hack so much we decided to show it here for everyone’s enjoyment. The most amazing part about this little hack is that it’s done using only javascript and ASCII art, with a little 1px embedded YouTube video for the audio. As developers ourselves, we were thoroughly impressed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you… the Dancing Cat Hack (I significantly modified the code so only the good parts are remaining, there’s nothing hacky about this little guy now).

Click here to play it with the incredibly happy audio. Happy Friday!

Headline: Cat Hack
Image: Height: 656 Width: 702

Image: Height: 360 Width: 480

Publisher: NeONBRAND
98 120

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