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If you’ve put off creating a Facebook page or tweeting your random thoughts just because you’re a business-to-business company, rest assured you’re only hurting yourself (yes, we realize that sounded like a line from a 12-step program pamphlet).

Get Social!

Mashable this week has an eye-opener for you B2Bs out there – or rather 13 of them. Yes, 13 reasons to get your social media hustle on. Even your company isn’t just business-to-business. It’s person-to-person, says Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer. Humanizing your business through the use of social media can help your business customers view you as a friend.

Not to mention that social media is the perfect way to get your content out there for eyeballs to see. Information on your products or service, updates to your business or testimonials of your service all can generate good attention. And good attention can equal good business. And good business… well, you get the idea.


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