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An Expedition of Titanic ProportionsAre your profits sinking like a giant cruise liner hit by an iceberg? Okay, so that’s a bad metaphor, but this week on they featured a story about how various forms of Social Media are being used to help educate the world about the Titanic. (As if you hadn’t already learned everything from watching the movie a few times…) This just goes to show that Social Media can even save a ship that has been sunk for nearly 100 years, and if it can do that, then the possibilities are truly endless!

The mission

Expedition Titanic,” wants to preserve and expose the wreck site to the public for the first time in history. Using interactive Flash exhibits, and massive amounts of Facebook and Twitter updates, they plan to show off the sunken ship that is currently 2.5 miles underneath the ocean. They also plan on using Flickr and YouTube to share videos and pictures of the various expeditions. Click here to read more about this exciting expedition!


Headline: An Expedition of Titanic Proportions
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