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Getting “Geo” With ItWe’re preaching to the choir here, but one of the great things about living in, say, Las Vegas, is a wealth of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. So imagine the frustration when a well-meaning Las Vegan signs on to Facebook only to see deals and promotions for food and shopping in… Chicago?

Facebook Geo Targeting.

Well, as they say, all promos and none in your city makes Jack a dull boy. (Someone had to say that at some point, right?) Maybe it’s time your business tapped into Facebook’s Geo Targeting – a feature that allows business pages to customize their posts to fans in specific time zones, locations or languages.

As easy as updating your page, simply type in your new status and click the dropdown menu that says “everyone.” From here, choose “customize” to determine the target audience for your post. You can select a particular country, city, state or region, as well as your language preference.
Pretty simple, eh? We think a whole lot of businesses will be getting “geo” with it soon.

Headline: Getting “Geo” With It
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