Even though your website is well made, is it failing at capturing leads? The problem might be your website’s SEO — or search engine optimization. 

What Is SEO and Why Is SEO Important for Your Las Vegas Business 

SEO involves a set of parameters that helps your business get recognized online and then increase the number of visitors to your website via search engines like Google.

The Manifest reported that 49% of small businesses invested in SEO, and although 31% of small businesses didn’t use any SEO services, they planned to use them in the future. That is, 8 out of 10 small businesses see the value of SEO for their business.

Three out of four people never scroll past the first page of Google. Additionally, 80% of major in-store purchases begin online. If you don’t focus on SEO, you may miss a significant piece of the market share.

Thus, SEO is important for the success of your business. 

Why Is Local SEO Important for Small Businesses in Las Vegas

How do people find your business? Most people search for businesses using their smartphone, which tracks their location. In most cases, a person is ready to buy, and they’re only matching a local business with their needs. That’s where local SEO comes in.

Let’s say you are looking for a dog groomer in Las Vegas. Here’s what comes up: 

Search Result for "Dog Groomers in Las Vegas"

You’ll notice three businesses on the top. They come before the list of organic searches because of SEO.

In local SEO, this is called the Google My Business 3-Pack. It’s prime real estate for your small business, and businesses with the Google My Business Local 3-Pack come up in 93% of Google searches.

Going back to the example: Which dog groomer would you choose? SOS Dog Grooming? But, why?

It’s the most convenient listing of the three choices, and

  1. Its star rating is relatively high (4.7 stars)
  2. It has more reviews (over 200)
  3. It lists the business address, phone number, website, and directions

The other two offer some, but not all, of the information SOS Dog Grooming provides.

SOS Dog Grooming has effective local SEO possibly because it has hired a local SEO consultant; its website isn’t doing the job of getting the leads, but its local SEO is doing all the work. 

A local SEO consultant can help you:

  • Use targeted keywords in your content
  • Increase your link building
  • Optimize your website for fast loading times
  • Update your site’s metadata
  • Optimize your site for mobile users
  • Increase web traffic
  • Earn repeat customers
  • Build trust through higher rankings
  • Remain competitive with neighboring businesses
  • Become part of the coveted Google My Business 3-Pack

Level Up Your Business by Using SEO Consultant Las Vegas!

While SEO is important, local SEO can be a game-changer for your business. If you’re looking to level up your business with a local SEO consultant in Las Vegas, then do consider NeONBRAND. We specialize in SEO, local SEO, and more. Call us today at 702-706-6366 or contact us online