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Your Office Away From the OfficeAs the world turns so does everything else on it. Lately there has been a big shift from working in traditional offices to working anywhere you’re at. In a coffee shop, in your car, at a baseball game, at your daughter’s ballet recital… The world is now becoming a giant office! But can you really be productive while you’re sipping on a frappuccino? Well this week offered some awesome tips on how to increase productivity while you are working in the following places:

1. At your home office (remove all those distractions)

2. While at your real office (if you still have one that is…)

3. While at a co-working space

4. From a coffe shop

5. While you’re on the road


If you would like to read more about how to increase your productivity, click here.


Headline: Your Office Away From the Office
Publisher: NeONBRAND
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