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In an article by Inc. Magazine they highlight 5 rules that entrepreneurs should follow to have the greatest shot at success. One of them was something we found very interesting:

” #2 – Don’t Go Solo All The Way – Doing it alone limits your growth potential. As you create your plan build in a description of your “job.”  Spending the majority of your time bringing in new business and building relationships will help you grow. If you provide a service that depends on you, like massage therapy, think about product sales, hiring other service providers on a freelance basis, and perhaps joining a network marketing business that fits into your vision and that you feel passionate about. Also, outsource tasks like building a website and bookkeeping. This will allow you more time to network and build your business.

We couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly why we started NeONBRAND, so that we can help businesses grow by letting them concentrate on what they do best, while we do what we do best!


Headline: The 5 Rules of Solopreneur Success
Publisher: NeONBRAND
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