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Papa Johns PizzaPapa John’s Pizza is using the internet to generate more buzz for their pizza. The Papa’s Specialty Pizza Challenge tasks Facebook fans with creating the winning recipe for the company’s next specialty pizza. There are already more than 6,500 entries, and the application tab has been loaded close to 80,000 times, with users publishing upwards of 1,700 Facebook news feed items.

The lucky winner will receive 1% of pizza sales post challenge (up to $10,000), pizza for life and a guest appearance in a Papa John’s TV commercial.

Pizza + Facebook

In order to compete people log into the restaurant’s Facebook and design a pizza. Since the contest is housed within Facebook, sharing is essentially baked into the campaign at every turn. So not only do Facebook users have to “Like” the Page to see the contest, but they can invite friends to take the challenge and post their pizza creations to their wall.

Another key element to the campaign is that the three finalists will likely need to use their social media presence to promote their pizzas if they want to win the grand prize. To help them with that endeavor, Papa John’s will give each finalist a marketing budget of $1000. Another great example of how the internet can be used to advertise businesses with only a little money.


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