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Riding the Social Media BandwagonAs more and more people are tapping into the online cocktail party known as social media, developers are forced to stay on top of the trends and come up with the next big thing that will be all the rage online.

Now trending.

These five trends are the up and coming hottest things in social media right now. If you are just now hearing about them- well it’s a good thing you stopped by.

  • Social Scanning- Advances in mobile barcode scanning technology have led to the creation of apps that allow for comparison shopping, QR code place check-ins, and the ability to share anything with a barcode with anyone. This can be used for both location check-ins and an enhanced shopping experience. Services like Stickybits lets users add video, text, photos and audio to the barcodes they scan (via smartphones), merging the physical world and the digital world.
  • Q & A Intelligent Information Discovery Sites like Quora and Aardvark are changing the way people are finding information. Users can find intelligent answers to questions, either through other users or the use of experts. Facebook has launched a beta version of Questions, which like anything else Facebook does, will probably be a hit among users.
  • Group Buying- Made popular by Groupon, group buying functions under the idea that things are cheaper when bought in bulk. Group buying can lead to deep discounts, driving hundreds of new customers to businesses.
  • Mobile Meets Loyalty- It is only a matter of time before loyalty, rewards, and club card programs head in the mobile direction. Smartphone technology will help eliminate the stack of loyalty cards sitting in your wallet since you’ll be able to scan right from your phone.
  • Checking-In to Entertainment- What are you watching on television right now? TV shows and movies are set to be the next phase in the check-in craze. Making entertainment more social is a way for networks to engage viewers during the viewing process.

Exciting stuff. You never know what they’re going to come up with next. Read more here.


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