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Generate Buzz.

Generating buzz about your business or product can be tricky. And while advertising is helpful, customer reviews and recommendations can be a primary motivator for new clients – if you can get them. this week gave ten tips on generating client testimonials. Among the top suggestions was simply asking (rocket science, right?). Asking your customers to write a review in person, online or on an independent website is a good way to get the ball rolling.

Additionally, getting reviews on a product becomes much easier when you give it away. While it might be a large expense, a wealth of positive customer reviews can make giveaways a wise investment. Likewise, incentives for reviewing, like a percentage off their next purchase, can help generate the buzz you need. The key is to make it simple – your customers don’t want anything that takes too long or takes them too far out of their way. Asking the questions you want to be answered (instead of offering an open format) is a good way to start.

For more ideas, see full article here.

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