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Practice Social MediaGood news– the several hours you think you are wasting a day on Facebook and Twitter may actually be paying off. This article states that time spent on social media can help prepare us to be more collaborative in the workplace. The nature of social media is based on information sharing & real-time updates, both important elements in a successful workplace.

Tools of the trade

If you become accustomed to checking Twitter daily for industry news and insights from friends, you will expect the same from your colleagues. Twitter information is quick and easy to understand– just like that memo should be.

If every Monday you post photos from your weekend on Facebook, you can learn to use social media tools to post power point presentations and co-workers’ webinars. This will keep you in the habit of sharing information to keep others in the loop.

So go on, peruse those social media sites. If your boss catches you, you can tell him you are training to be a collaborative business super star… impressive, huh?


Headline: Practice Makes Perfect
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