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If you’re convinced your business couldn’t benefit from using social media, think about this: utilizing social media has proven successful for dental practices. And unless you’re selling manure or running a pocket-protector manufacturing plant, chances are your small business is more exciting than the dentist’s office (nitrous-oxide aside).

If you need more convincing, TechCrunch offers six case studies on businesses that have made good in the social media scene. From San Franciscan food carts who tweet their current location to Korean restaurants using Groupon to encourage new customers. And let’s not forget Starbucks and their 10 million Facebook fans, or clothing stores who have installed the Facebook “like” functionality on their site to share their preferred products with their friends.

So next time you start thinking social networking is just for the young, the hip and the tech-savvy, just think of who filled your last cavity. Yeah . . . exactly. Find out more here.


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