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I Want Your VoiceSo now that you have a Facebook, a Twitter account, and a blog, you’re probably wondering what you are going to post or tweet about. Your dog? The weather? How many paint flakes chipped off your door this morning? Well… before you start thinking about content it is probably best to first think about what kind of voice you want to represent your brand on your social media. You’ll want representation that matches up with your company, but still entertaining enough to attract large crowds. Unfortunately you don’t have a representative like Justin Bieber who can get you a million screaming fan girls in a moment’s notice, but you can still represent your company online in a way that will attract fans to your business. Here are just a few of the more effective voices that are found in social media today:

The Game Show Host: Come on down! The price is right! This style involves a lot of contests, quizzes, and prizes. It isn’t very personal, but it will make the fans scream.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Service Rep: Yes, I can help you with that. This style involves communicating with each customer on an individual level, and handling all their complaints, etc. Drawback? If your business is big, this can be difficult.

The Beehive: Call this socialism media, because that is what this style is. Basically just let all your employees have a piece of the social media pie, as they represent your business on Twitter and Facebook.

The Community Builder: Yo seek to inform others about topics you are mutually interested in, and then you invite them to join your movement.

The Friend: Every customer is a friend, and life is just full of high fives and butterflies.

Read more about each of these voices here. After you’ve selected a voice you can start tackling content.


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