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In case you wouldn’t choose a military crew-cut for your default profile pic, think again: the Marines are going social-media.

Or so photojournalist Teru Kuwayama and a $202,000 News Challenge Grant from the John S. Knight Foundation will attempt. His project, highlighted this week in OhMyGov! will aim to bring soldier life in Afghanistan to American civilians, using – you guessed it – social media.


Launching One-Eight, a social networking site aimed at tracking the lives of the First Battalion, Eighth Marines, will “puncture the disconnect” between foreign military experience and American civilian life, said Kuwayama. Following the Battalion, who deploys Helmand Province, Afghanistan next month, “One-Eight” visitors will experience some of the sites, sounds, and missions of American Marines.

A worthy goal, especially since the Marines only recently lifted their prior ban on accessing social media sites from their network earlier this year.

Ready for that crew cut yet? Read more here.

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