It’s November, and that means you, like all of us, are probably reflecting on those things for which you’re most grateful.

If you own a business, we’re thinking the Internet probably tops that list. Okay, maybe it’s second, right behind your great employees.

Why is the digital world such a godsend to your business – and your bottom line? Well, funny you should ask…

It’s helped you expand your reach.

Back in the day (and by that, we meal, like, 15 years ago) the number of people your business reached was pretty limited. Unless, of course, you were a huge corporation.

When it came to those small businesses, it was all about street signs and word of mouth, with perhaps some imaginative advertising in the mix. Today, thanks to the power of the World Wide Web and some cutting-edge digital marketing strategy, your business isn’t limited by geography – and neither are your customers.

From finding new customers and clients online throughout the country and even abroad, to the ability to convert a client without ever speaking to them face to face, the internet offers countless ways to broaden your reach and multiple your customer base.

That’s something to be grateful for all year long.

Your marketing is more efficient.

When you run a business, you know:

Efficiency is money saved.

That’s why it’s critical to run your marketing plan like a well-oiled machine – to get the most bang for your buck. The internet allows you to reach more people faster, and isn’t that the definition of efficiency?

With the technology we have today, you can target an audience based on myriad factors, from age and gender, to ethnicity, education, location and even hobbies and interests. That means that the advertising dollars you use each year aren’t just being placed on a proverbial roulette wheel; they actually stand a promising chance of reaching a listening – and buying – ear.

You get more for less.

What’s the true beauty of marketing online?

Well, it’s cheap.

Often, it’s even free.

With today’s social media platforms, it’s entirely possible to market your company without spending a dime.

Set yourself up with a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter handle, and maybe even Snapchat if you’re cool enough to handle it. Start posting, and see the eyeballs swarm to your business.

This is such an incredible tool for new businesses that don’t have the budget to hire a marketing team or purchase expensive advertising. Social media allows you to promote new products and events, and actually connect with your potential customers easily and inexpensively.

Everything is trackable.

Data analysis is a basic principle – and requirement – of good marketing.

Today, collecting and analyzing data is easier than ever thanks to (you guessed it) the internet. You have the ability to track your customer’s action path from the instant you send out an email to the moment they actually purchase a product or service from you.

This allows you to assess your marketing efforts and change it up when necessary. For example, if you create an eblast that is ineffective, the data is going to show you just how ineffective it was, and you’ll know it’s time to step things up.

Modern analytics allow you to track web visitors, social promotions, email sends and so much more.

Analysis isn’t a mystery anymore – it’s a tool that can help you step up your game and win more customers.

Your turn: why is YOUR business thankful for the internet this year? Tell us in the comments!