Business Consulting Is Your Missing Link

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All the great athletes in history were lead by great coaches. We believe that the same mentality applies to grow a business as well.

By having an awesome business consultant be available to help you whenever needed, you can have an outsider’s perspective on what it takes to become great.

Is Discount Pricing Really Worth It?

Reading Time: 6 minutes

While some thing discounting your pricing is necessary, we would beg to differ. Price = Value. Discounting your price, could also discount your value.

What Net Neutrality Might Mean for Online Businesses

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I don’t know what’s going to happen without net neutrality, but I do know how to adapt to changes in the online landscape. Here’s how to make sure your business keeps killing it online, no matter what happens.

What Is Branding & How Do I Do It?

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Branding isn’t just for gigantic corporations. When your company makes branding the core of your marketing strategy, great things can happen.

Internet Users Will Surpass 3 Billion

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Back in 2010, NeONBRAND reported that the world would reach 2 billion internet users by the end of the year, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Now 4 years later, the ITU expects that we’ll break 3 billion by December 2014. That means 40% of the world is connecting with one another on the … Continued

Big Companies Suffer Data Breaches

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Home Depot’s crushing data breach this September has put billion dollar corporations on their toes.  Beginning in April of this year, the malware known as Mozart–a corporation specific computer contaminate–went on a 5 month infiltration of Home Depot’s cybersecurity system. Experts project over 56 million customers were affected. That’s over 15 million more than last December’s … Continued

Enforce Copyright Protections Through the DMCA

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When you produce online content for your website, blog, social media or another outlet, the moment you publish the content, you own it. Thank goodness for Copyright Protections. That ownership applies to any content posted online, whether it’s a blog post, photograph, infographic, video or another type of online post. Protecting your online content is … Continued

How to Hack a WordPress Site

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I was working late on a client’s website a couple nights ago, when I closed out and rushed home so that I could make it in time for dinner. After an amazing dinner prepared by my wife, I pulled up my client’s website on my phone to make sure the responsive design was looking the way … Continued

Insight for Business

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Think it’s all about the Benjamins? Think again (although a few crisp hundreds never hurt anybody). But as it turns out, integrating social media into business isn’t all about making profits. In fact, that’s one of the least important results around, according to a poll released on Marketing Pilgrim this week. Among the top motivators … Continued

Goal! Tips for Successful Business Goals

Reading Time: 2 minutes

While there may still be a few weeks left in 2010, there’s no time like the present to start thinking about 2011 – at what that might mean to your business. In fact, December is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and assess what worked for your business and what—umm—didn’t. And since the New Year … Continued

What’s In a Name?

What’s In a Name?

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Your business begins with a name. It’s the cornerstone of your company identity and impacts your branding, company tone, and first impressions. Think about it. The branding of Target would be very different if the retailer still went by its original name, Dayton Dry Goods Company. Selecting the right business name for your company is … Continued

Building Alliances as a New Business

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Building alliances as a newly created company can be crucial to your success. Find a strong referral partner and work closely with them to find success.

Another Side of Customer Loyalty

Reading Time: 2 minutes

CardStar offers mobile phone users a simple way to manage physical loyalty and membership cards in a digital manner. Today the service is introducing integration with Foursquare to support check-ins for users of the iPhone application. Now, when a user scans their club or loyalty card via CardStar during checkout, they can also tap to check in on the location-based … Continued

Why You are Needed to Lead

Why You are Needed to Lead

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is an article from AriWriter: “The easiest thing is to react,” Seth Godin writes on page 86 of his 147-page self-help book about the importance of leadership, about the desire for you to recognize your calling and step up and fill the shoes of the tribe that needs you like Gary Vaynerchuk did for … Continued